When you've spent money on some of the best dog toys, but your canine friend still likes to bite on your rug rather than their toys, it may be very upsetting as a dog owner. Dogs can indeed be harsh with your carpeting and furniture; some puppies could even scratch their paws into them out of restlessness or fear. If the consequence is a broken rug, redoing all of your floorboards could be very expensive. Consider using carpet repair Sydney to solve the problem rather than forking over big bucks for a new carpet. Fix Carpets Torn Up By Dogs

Why Is Your Dog Destroying The Carpet?

Whether it’s for comfort or teething issues there could be several reasons why your pup is digging into your carpet. Here we have listed a few for you to understand better.


Small dogs chew to ease the discomfort of teething, young dogs chew to explore their world, and elderly dogs chew to keep their gums healthy and their jaw muscles in shape. Depending on the underlying cause of the chewing behaviour, teaching your dog to stop chewing on the carpet may take some time.


Dogs' innate need to dig is the major reason they tear the carpet or bedding in the late hours of the night. Dogs will scuff and scratch on the carpet to make a cosy sleeping space for the night because they want to feel safe and secure while they sleep.


Being territorial creatures, dogs spend a significant portion of their day dispersing odours. In order to leave their scent behind, they like to scratch surfaces. They can defend their territory from other canines by digging.


Both you and I, as well as your dog, have hobbies. Dogs like engaging in a variety of activities, including digging. Your dog might dig for no reason at all! In addition, he might dig a grave for valuables. He might take this action to prevent someone from robbing him of the things he values.

Social problems

Digging by your dog could sometimes be a call for assistance. He can be digging out of boredom or an attention-seeking motive. Try to involve your dog in much more outdoor recreation if this is the case. Do you spend a lot of time away from home during the day? When you're not around, consider hiring a dog walker to take him for a walk and give him some exercise.

Ways To Repair Carpet Torn By Dogs

You must evaluate how severely damaged your carpet is before you can move forward with carpet torn repair Sydney. Does your carpet have a noticeable gaping hole in it? Or are there merely a few strands that want tidying up? Depending on the type of damage you can consider utilising the below-mentioned solutions -
  1. Remove Loose Threads

Has your carpet any of the following characteristics:
  • Foam loops?
  • Slack ends?
  • Removed threads?
If it does, you are in the proper location. Your carpet may appear a bit worn out from normal wear and tear. As your pets walk, their claws frequently get stuck in the carpet strands. The carpet also gets worse as a result. Therefore, this is what you may do to address the issue:
  • To cut off the stray threads, use sewing shears.
  • To make them the same length as the remainder of the carpet, trim down stray loops and ends.
  • To combine the carpet fibres in the mended area, vacuum over it. You can also employ carpet restretching Sydney for an expert job.
  1. Fix Up Loose Seams

Dogs enjoy pulling on objects. But regrettably, one of the objects they frequently prefer to tear apart is the carpet in your living room. They'll locate a loose end somewhere, and then the carpet will rise. Are the margins of your carpet beginning to resemble worn-out cloth? Are any of the following present on the edges:
  • Weak seams?
  • Slack ends?
So, begin with the methods below by grabbing your cloth iron and hot-melt carpet tape!
  • The hot-melt carpet tape should be cut to the length of the carpet flap.
  • Put the tape underneath the carpet seam. Allow a small portion of the tape to slide beneath the skirting board if it is up against a wall. If not, affix the tape to the seam formed by the joining of the two carpet ends.
  • The carpet will be brushed back and forth with a heated iron. As a result, the tape will melt and lock the carpet in place.
  1. Use Matching Carpet To Replace A Torn Patch

Step 1: Trim a piece from the rug around the torn area. Create a cut that is as tiny as possible.  Peel through the rug with a scalpel blade, taking care to cautiously sparing the cushioning. Now carefully remove the cut-out portion of the carpet. Step 2: Create a shape out of cardboard that is roughly bigger than the rug cut-out. Tug the upper edge, put the cardboard through the opening and onto the carpet. If required, gently twist the cardboard to allow it to fit in the opening. Step 3: Draw a line through the opening as closely as you can to the margin of the cardboard. Take the cardboard out. Using the box cutter, cut the cardboard in the outlined shape. Step 4: An identical carpet scrap should be flipped over. Outline the cardboard cut-out with the crayon onto the back of the remaining carpet. By using blade , cut the pattern from the remainder to make a patch. Step 5: Put the joint adhesive on the carpet cushioning in the hole. After placing the remnant within the hole secure it to the rug. Step 6: To conceal the patch, vacuum over the repaired area. This will give an even finish to the carpet.


It looks bad to have tears on the carpet. But there’s nothing more painful to look at than a DIY carpet repair job gone wrong.  Professional carpet restretching at Matrix Carpet Repair Sydney can restore your carpet without burning a hole in your pocket. Our skilled professionals are trained in carpet stretching and repairs to revive your carpets to their former beauty.


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