Beautiful carpets adorning a house or office must be kept in good condition all the time. After all, they protect your floor from external damage. Carpets are subjected to minor and major wear and tear. Sometimes, it becomes wrinkled too. But, there is nothing to worry about. You could book carpet stretching Sydney service and get a quick and long-lasting solution for ripples. Apart from repair, you also have an option of carpet replacement. The second option must be chosen carefully. Here, you would know about these options and the costs associated with them. Read further to know which method is cheaper.

Carpet Stretching Sydney

Know About Carpet Stretching

It is a trending carpet repair Sydney method that experts use to remove unevenness from the carpet. This method is suitable for eliminating all kinds of wrinkles and ripples from the carpets. In carpet restretching, the professionals use advanced equipment and pull the carpet in order to make it flat. Before you replace the carpet, you can seek help from experts. If possible, the experts could repair the problematic areas.

Steps Involved in Carpet Stretching

In professional carpet restretching, various steps are involved. Here, you can know more about those steps:

  • The experts have to remove heavy furniture from the carpet. Then, they assess the damage intensity. Wrinkles and buckled areas are identified. Based on this inspection, the specialists make a personalised plan.
  • The damaged carpet is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner so that professionals have a clean space to work in.
  • Before stretching the carpet, it is important to remove it from old tack strips. The carpets are also detached from the padding. Now, the tack strips are replaced.
  • With a power stretcher and knee kicker, the experts keep the carpet intact on one end. The end of the carpet is stretched with the machine. In no time, the problem is resolved.
  • Lastly, the carpet is again nailed to the tack strip and padding.

Pros of The Carpet Stretching Method

You could get various benefits by choosing carpet stretching service:

  • This process requires less time and effort.
  • It is a cost-saving method.
  • By stretching the carpet, you could get rid of ripples and wrinkles.
  • Stretching the carpet reduces the chances of tipping and falling.
  • By hiring the experts, you could reduce your stress level.
  • The life of carpet increases because of carpet stretching.

Is There Any Problem with Carpet Stretching?

Yes, there are a few problems associated with the carpet stretching method. If you face them, then you can consider carpet replacement option:

  • This method can’t be done by an untrained person. Only an experienced person should be hired for this technique.
  • The pressure exerted on the carpet must be perfect. You could cause damage to the carpet by not keeping the pressure in check.
  • You need to have a proper tool for stretching the carpet.
  • Carpets that are more than 10 years old are quite delicate. It can be risky to stretch them.

Everything You Need to Know About Carpet Replacement Sydney

There comes a time when carpets become badly damaged. There is no scope for repair. In such cases, the homeowners have to consider carpet replacement. It is a tedious and expensive process. The homeowner has to walk around the market and select a suitable carpet again. Moreover, new carpets are costly.

What are the Benefits of Carpet Replacement?

Sometimes, replacing a carpet could be a great option. It could offer the following advantages:

  • New carpets are safe. Nobody would fall or trip over a new carpet.
  • Brand new carpets are free of problems. So, you can stay relaxed for at least a year.
  • Carpet replacement is an ideal choice if the carpets are completely damaged. If the holes are too big or the seams are damaged, then you can consider this option.
  • You can give a new feel to your home by simply changing the carpet.

What Happens in Carpet Replacement?

In carpet replacement, the experts have to remove the old carpet from the floor and replace it with a new one. It is not a simple process. In fact, it takes more time than stretching. Here is how experts replace the carpet.

  • The furniture is completely removed from the room.
  • The carpets are removed from the tack strips.
  • With the help of tools, professionals remove the tack strips.
  • Then, the carpet padding and carpet are detached.
  • Now, new padding and carpet are installed on the floor. Even tack strips are replaced.
  • Lastly, time is given for the carpet to become settled on the floor.

Things to Consider While Replacing the Carpet

You need to be careful while replacing a carpet. Have a look at these tips if you are planning to replace the carpet:

  • No air bubbles should be left on the carpets while installation. Gaps and improperly placed carpets could buckle up after a few days.
  • If you are planning to replace the carpet, then make sure that you purchase durable and top-quality products. From tools to carpet material, everything should be perfect.
  • After carpet replacement, you need to be careful while shifting the furniture.
  • Once you replace the carpet, get the inspection done at least once a year. Your proactive attitude would surely increase the life of the carpet.

What is Cheaper: Carpet Stretching or Replacement?

If we compare the procedure and benefits of carpet restretching and carpet replacement, then it can be said that the former option is cheaper. In stretching, there is no need to peel off the complete set of carpets. Also, it takes less time. On the other hand, buying and installing a new carpet would be expensive.  If your carpet has minor damage, then you can choose carpet stretching without hesitation.

Carpet replacement and stretching are two options that carpet owners can choose. Both of them have their pros and cons as explained in the blog. From a budget point of view, it is better to book carpet stretching Sydney service. To book the service, you don’t have to go anywhere. Contact Matrix Carpet Repair Sydney and make an appointment.


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