Carpets come in various materials, textures, shades and fabrics. They enhance the warmth of any room. Just like any other piece of furniture that one invests into, carpets also require maintenance on a regular basis. Without maintenance, they start sagging, loosening and appearing dull & drab. With usage, they also develop bubbles, bumps, mounds alongside irregular wearing out. Some carpets also start losing their original colours. Bumpy areas existing on the carpet mean the carpet requires procedures like carpet restretching for smoothing it out. Whether the stretching can be carried out with the furniture on it is a common concern among home-owners. Continue reading to find out more about carpet stretching & why you need it and whether a person needs to move furniture for stretching their carpeting. Carpet Stretching Without Moving Furniture

What Is Carpet Stretching And Why You Need It?

Carpet Stretching is a procedure that uses appropriate equipment to improve carpets with a wavy or wrinkly appearance. It is a technique that makes sure the carpet is reconnected and fastened to the room's boundary wall and any extra threads are trimmed off. The most cleaned and maintained carpeting can still require this procedure. Mentioned ahead are few reasons why carpet stretching is necessary:
  • Your carpets have developed an uneven surface that is making the room look ugly and unsightly. The appearance of the room can do well with a carpet stretching session.
  • Carpet stretching is also required to prevent your carpets from becoming a tripping hazard which can injure your loved ones.
  • Imperfect installation of the carpet also creates wrinkles and jagged surfaces on the carpet that necessitate carpet stretching services.
  • Creases on the carpets can wear out the carpets faster. This can be averted with the help of carpet stretching which also acts to extend its life considerably in the long run.
  • Over rough usage the carpets' hard base pushes the area up, causing ripples and bulges on it which can make anyone trip. Carpet stretching is the only effective answer to this problem.
Consult a carpet repair business for the upkeep of your carpets and also to prevent any injuries to your loved ones due to such concerns.

Factors that Decide Whether Moving Furniture is Necessary for Carpet Stretching:

There are a few important factors to consider when determining whether we can stretch the carpet with the furniture in the room. These often contain the items listed below, which is elaborated in a detailed manner below for better understanding of the readers:
  • What is the total amount of furniture?
  • What is the weight of the furniture?
  • What is the size of the pieces of furniture?
  • What is the location of the furniture in the room?

What is the total amount of furniture?

Carpet stretching needs to be carried out in a room that has no impediment or any type of furniture in general. The lesser the number of furniture pieces in the room, the easier it is to move them across to the other room where no work is required.

What is the weight of the furniture?

The weightier the furniture, the more of a challenge it is to carry out the restretching in an optimum manner. Moreover, dragging heavy furniture across the carpet can cause the seams to suffer tearing.

What is the size of the pieces of furniture?

The size of the furniture also decides whether or not it is possible to carry out the restretching while the furniture remains on the carpet. The furniture size may prevent the carpet reparation professional from gauging the condition of the entire carpet.

What is the location of the furniture in the room?

The location of the furniture in the room will also decide how properly the carpet stretching can be carried out. If the furniture has been creating obstruction for accessing certain carpet areas then it will have to be moved. These are some key factors that decide whether the carpet stretching can be done with furniture on the carpet. Get in touch with an excellent Carpet Repair Sydney business that can offer better guidance.

How is the Carpet Restretching Carried Out?

Carpet fitters normally carry out stretching of carpeting in a room away from the entrance and to a wall opposite to the wrinkling. The power stretcher that is powerful enough to remove carpet even with somewhat heavy furniture in the room is used for the process. When the technician has decided which wall to extend towards, he will lift up the carpet from the gripper strip against that wall, stretch it, reconnect it to the gripper strip, then cut and tuck it. Stretching the carpet in this fashion assures that it will stay taut even after foot traffic, regular cleaning sessions, and passage of time.

Why a person needs to move furniture to stretch carpet?

  • It is important to move all the furniture on the carpets for ensuring uniform stretching of the carpets. Any fragile items, electronics, or any other valuables that may break or get damaged until the stretching service is complete.
  • Carpet restretching if attempted without moving the furniture can make the carpet tear and develop holes.
If stretching is carried out with the heavy furniture such as fish tanks, pool tables, beds, couches etc. on it that will be more time-consuming and less effective. Hence, it is important to remove every possible item from the carpets for a better and a more effectual service. If not, you can always request the carpet fitters or the repair professionals sent to your house to move the heavy furniture to another place before the service. Moving all the furniture beforehand will guarantee a better stretch and a less costly bill. Availing the services of an experienced carpet reparation specialist will enhance the quality of the carpet and also add years to its life. A Carpet Repairs professional would be in a better position to understand the exact issues with the carpet and then carry out the necessary repair work.


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